February 27, 2011


Inspired by a conversation with the charming & talented Stephanie from Style Odyssey  I got inspired to create tell you about Vieques, one of my favorite places from my homeland Puerto Rico. 
This unspoiled exotic Caribbean paradise has been feature in many publications and most recently as one of the 10 islands to visit before you die by CNN Travel. Vieques is less than 10 miles off the east coast of Puerto Rico and is an easy flight from San Juan, a one-way flight takes about 20 minutes and is about $70. Another option is to drive to the coast of Fajardo and catch the Ferry for $2, the trip takes about 70 minutes. 

For your pleasant vacation in this paradise you can find accommodations  at a b&b or a guesthouse starting at $69, or if your preference is a luxurious escapade I will tell you to choose the gorgeous  W Hotel Vieques Island Retreat & Spa . There is plenty to savor, pristine clear beaches, wild native flora, horse back riding, secluded bays, snorkeling, kayaking, fantastic food, a visit to the brightest  bioluminescent bay in the world or just a nice afternoon walk on white sands while you appreciate the spectacular sunsets.
                                          I hope you get captivated!!

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Style Odyssey said...

Images of Caribbean beaches are always captivating.
Thank you so much for the mention- that's very thoughtful of you!
You make me miss those lovely beaches...although I've never been to Vieques, my dad did years ago and spoke fondly of it. I suppose the nearest I got was Culebra, Fajardo, San Juan...
I especially like these photos showing bioluminescent plankton.
Lovely post. You must miss your beautiful homeland very much. xo

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