January 25, 2010



The perfect combination between culture, great cuisine and amazing photography.
Sharing her assignments around the world, In her cozy blog APPETITE, Penny De Los Santos unveils a wonderful world for your eyes, mouth and soul.

De Los Santos is an awarded documentary photographer based in Austin, TX. You can enjoy more of her inspiring photography in her main website: pennydelossantos

January 24, 2010


Delicate, mysterious, sensual. 
Just like a dimmed light, there is a special touch of magic, a mystic romanticism behind a veil.

Photos: Vanity Fair Italia

January 14, 2010


Objects, people, places, music, cultures... the source of inspiration for many creative people. 
Antonio Gaudí left a strong impression and influence in her, but her work also talks about her travels, the sounds and the individuals of her existence. The french artist Catherine Marie-Agnès Fal de Saint Phalle had a fascinating  journey on earth and every one of her creations is a conspicuous demonstration of her passions, colorful spirit and the forgiving happiness behind a tumultuous life.

January 12, 2010

Simple Lines

Vera Wang Pre fall 2010. Beautiful modern collection filled with simple lines and feminine layers.

January 10, 2010

Getting Personal

I am...  vegetarian, art lover, who wants…a vacation on Barcelona & more shoes. I have... a colorful life, a creative mind, a big loving family. I keep...post it notes, in my purse, plenty of tea & 70% dark chocolate in my house. I wish I could... learn how to play my guitar in two days. I hate... lies, fear, envy, disrespect, cruelty, insensitivity, justifications. I love... my kids laughter. I need... more sleep. I enjoy... reading old books. I rather... use a mechanical pencil than a pen. My favorite author... is Gabriel Garcia Marquez.  I can't stand... lack of depth, lack of good morals and lack of good family values.  I think...  90% of what Tv offers is poison for the brain.  I watch... history channel, some food network shows, top chef, Intervention, some hgtv, bizarre foods, project runway. I've always... been a faithfull follower of foreign & independent movies. I read... the new york times every morning while eating my usual breakfast: kashi heart to heart cereal with fresh blackberries & raspberries.  I always use... palmers cocoa butter body oil & been using it for more than 10 years. I never... go to bed with make up on my face. A perfect evening... would be a great dinner and reading under the candlelight after lighting up some patchouli or frankincense-myrrh Soll's incense with some flamenco playing on the background. I self taught myself... how to sew and tailor clothes after observing attentively my mom's seamstress work  when I was a girl. I can spend... the same amount of time searching and absorbing information about fashion and shoes than for philosophy, history, culture, spirituality or architecture. I'm... a graphic artist but I'm more passionate about layering images in oils on a canvas. I can... sew, cook & bake (a lot and really good), design clothing & interiors, sculpt, paint, crochet, built furniture (❤power tools), dance, do hair & makeup, infrared photography (❤ the dark room), etc... I could live... in Costa Rica or Cataluña. I could survive...  on olives, agedashi-tofu, berries, dark chocolate & tea. I have... a special debility for rings. I don't... consider shoes part of the accessories category, they are special art objects with a category of their own ☺. I have no tolerance.... for radio hosts, for that reason I only listen to my ipod or my own cd compilations. My new year's resolutions... are based on concepts, not actions. The two short common questions I get the most... ① Are you brazilian?  ② Where does you last name comes from? Answers: ① No; born & raised in Puerto Rico. ② Cataluña, Spain.   I can share... the websites I enjoy besides the ones I have on my star list: zen habits, synthesis, bakerella, tofufortwo,  the cool hunter, /food, tastespotting, contemporist, fabrikproject, daphne, absolutearts, artcritical. I will... tell you more another day.

January 8, 2010

Green Beauty

Almost two decades ago I decided to change my diet and convert to vegetarian and later on to vegan. Getting educated on vegetarianism and ...