June 10, 2012

Around Town

 Patricia Rosales shoes. Gelato from the Central Market. My new favorite lotion, Zum Body Frankincense & Myrrh.  

 My favorite flowers. Wearing Zara top, vintage lace top, R. Cavalli pants, vintage bracelets & Dolce & Gabbana shoes.

 Homemade pizza, Wearing F21 top, vintage pants & Rodarte at Target Jacket. More Central market & some avocado and cherry gelato.

 The best tacos ever!!! I had the wild mushrooms in lettuce shell and Panner Thai basil, ... 
as my friend Julio said I was drunk on flavor at Velvet Taco.

Fun in town.


Online Bingo said...

goodness. I sooooo want to eat everything you just posted right now. Looks like you had fun eating. The shoes look awfully painful. Are they comfortable to wear? They are super nice though

O D Y S S E Y said...

Great post. You should do more of these!
Velvet Taco...nothing like that exists here. I guess we are too close to the border to get anything but Mexican taquerias!
Gelato...now that, I can get here at our coffee house/cafe.

ggshoe said...

:^D Thanks for stopping by & leaving your comment.
I get more enjoyment from cooking for friends and family and from seeing them enjoying my food. But those vegetarian tacos I did enjoy very much!
The shoes are quite comfortable but I don't have a problem if they weren't. When I get my shoes the last thing that matters to me is comfort ;))

ggshoe said...

Thanks Stephanie! I had a lot of fun making this one, will definitely make more :)
Oh those tacos are heavenly, the best I ever had! you must go try them when you come visit.

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