May 31, 2012


Nostalgia, love, tears, smiles, remembrance...  

 "Dear Photograph,
I still remember every moment I spent with you that summer. You always thought we were just friends, but to me, you always meant so much more. A year and a half later and now you are my valentine. Happy Valentine’s Day! Your Boyfriend, Louis"

"Dear Photograph,
I’m glad my baby twin brothers still call me “Sissy”. I’m glad they’re still my best friends. I’m glad we still hang out getting our kicks and giggles from being silly.

 "Dear Photograph,
This is Padt. He brought love and joy into the lives of all who knew him. He changed my life, and I treasure every moment that we shared. He is a song unfinished, whose melody will live on in our hearts forever. He left a profound impact on the lives of many, and was taken from us much too soon. We all miss you and love you Padt. Pops" 

"Dear Photograph, Thank you for showing us all how to love for the long haul.
Love, John"

 "Dear Photograph, My grandfather, who I never met, had written on the back of the photo; ” Yoyita, every time you see this photo remember an unforgettable Sunday for me.” Now I know why my mother knew how to love her husband and children with such an honest and pure love….she learned it from her parents. 
Thank you Mom, we will never forget to love.

"Dear Photograph,

Today I climbed back into that same tree for my senior portrait. The years pass by and still my photographer remains the same. Thanks Grandma, you are always there when I need you.
Love, Brittney "

"Dear Photograph, on Easter morning that year he and my Mom gave me the puppy I begged for named “Happy”. That is what my childhood was…happy and great all thanks to my loving parents.       Steve "

"Dear Photograph, If I could only keep them all wrapped up in my arms for just a bit longer… Kris"

Amazing book, I think it would make wonderful Father's day present!


Gigi said...

I'm in awe in front of all those pics. Such a wonderful project. It brings so much emotion.

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

It certainly would!
A beautiful and thoughtful project.