November 27, 2011

Found Objects

 Random shapes harmoniously merged by artist Sayaka Ganz creating splendid organic forms.

"Even if there is conflict, there is a way for all the pieces to fit together" 
~ Sayaka Ganz


Belle Helene said...

These are breathtaking, thanks for sharing

Anthie Mitrakos said...

Omg amazing , i dont' know what faschinates me the most...the movement those horses have? the idea for making such a beautifull thing? Perfect
take a look at my blog and see if you find it interesting

plasticanimal said...

I love how the artist made these pieces look very fluid and gestural. They look so alive! Awesome!

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

we really get a sense of each animal's movement, sensitively rendered in these found object sculptures.


looks so good.

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