October 24, 2011


You all know how much I love wearing hats, well I'm very excited with the upcoming collection for Target from Albertus Swanepoel. I know I will have a difficult time not getting the entire selection. Im also enjoying the shoes discovered at Payless from Lela Rose and  Isabel Toledo, don't you love those rain boots!? Last but not least the beautiful dress from Versace for H&M is a great classic piece to add to any wardrobe. The shoes are currently available at Payless, the hats at Target will be available on October 30 and Versace for H&M on November 17


Prêt à Porter P said...

You always look good in hats. That Versace dress looks pretty cool. I haven't seen anything from the Versace that I would personally wear--but I'll try to check it out anyway.

ggshoe said...

Thank You :)
I'm not too fond of all the Versace crazy prints but there are a couple of basic pieces that are worth getting, like the basic dresses and the leather jacket.

RosaLovesDC said...

Oh those hats!!! I know you can totally rock any hat! I wish I could!