October 12, 2011


Wearing: Calvin klein sweater, vintage skirt & bracelets & Colin Stuart leather boots (from more than ten years ago, when Colin Stuart & VS used to sell decent real leather shoes)


O D Y S S E Y said...

omg, wow...awesome, gorgeous outfit & pics!
i love your hair!
first glance, i thought the boots might be margiela. i remember when VS had better shoes...like these. i had a few pairs in those days, but i've since sold them.

Pret a Porter P said...

Your hair is stunning!
I second Odyssey, I thought the boots were Margielas too. VS shoes never worked for me, I always found them to run really really small.

ggshoe said...

Thank you ladies, funny I thought i was having a bad hair day :) I agree about the boots, there is a similitude with Margiela. I miss those VS days of better shoes, the quality of leather on these boots is really good and the construction is nice too. I ended up getting them in black too and after 10+ years they are both in great condition.

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