October 12, 2013

In My Bag

Hair ties, wallets, hand necessities, make up must-haves, creativity tools... here are the basics you'll find in my bag.
Since I always do my makeup before leaving the house I keep the make up in my purse very minimal, just for retouches. I carry with me eye illuminator in nude for the day and silver for the night. I can't live without Chapstick! my favorite one is the Natural lip Butter  but I also like the medicated formula, I use it in combination with the Chanél lip pencil as a perfect lip tint. A mini version of a favorite mascara or a very convenient sample are perfect space savers, specially if it's a small bag. For touchups I use the Chanél compact
 Two big sunglasses in basic colors and a case are indispensable.
 Very important for me, a notepad, small sketchbook, sharpie and mechanical pencils.
 Presentation cards, mini wallet with the everyday essentials and a bigger one for the wallet things I don't use everyday but might need.
 Since I'm a bit of a germaphobe I always have two important things with me, a mini EO hand sanitizer spray (love it's lavender scent) and baby wipes. In the lotion department, I prefer  Aveda Hand Relief, or Kiehl's Hand Slave . Also, to avoid awful looking chipped nail polish I like to keep my nail color handy.
 For the soul a very dark chocolate is must needed! Better if it's 50%+ cocoa because I prefer things that are not too sweet.
Phone, headphones & camera can't be left behind. 


ODYSSEY said...

I see a few familiar items. ;)
I carry the same Chanel compact (if that's the one you recommended - I believe it is).
How do you keep the chocolate from melting? Even my lipstick gets "sweaty", just being in my handbag, in the usual Texas heat. Maybe the trick is to eat it (chocolate, not lipstick!) quickly.

ggshoe said...

same one recommended ;) Haha! no melting problems with the chocolate over here :) I never leave my purse in hot places always in ac during summer. I don't know... perhaps the lower content of fat in dark chocolate helps delaying the melting process. Only eat the lipstick if it's made out of chocolate :D

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