June 3, 2011


Imagine someone  earning $28,000 for one of your art pieces at age four!!
Thats the reality of Aelita Andre the prodigy who started painting before walking. 
Endless possibilities for this little girl.

Photos:  defoto


Kristin said...

No way. That's incredible!

grant said...

Hate to be the first one to say it but here goes....isnt that the product of giving a canvas and a lot of paint to ANY toddler? No definite shapes, just smears and splashes which is now being called 'accidentalism'. im not laying in to the child, its the art world as a whole. What happened to being able to capture beauty in a landscape or a face with your brush strokes? This truly drives home the point that art has lost its way, where those who are truly talented are overlooked in favour of a 4 year old let loose with some paint and a coloured canvas.

ggshoe said...

Applaud the parents for letting the girl run free and have fun with her art tools without seeing it as a toddler mess. I enjoy a good piece of abstract as well as a more explicit deep piece of art but I see your point and agree with you Grant... lets say she got a wonderful PR team ; )

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