April 20, 2011

Heels On Vacation

 My high heels had to take a forced vacation. I sprained my ankle while wearing a very high pair of Chloé's ... they have been forgiven. Against my will, I saw myself in the inescapable situation of wearing FLATS! In my kingdom flats are only for cleaning, the beach or camping!
 After digging in the most recondite realms of my closet I found my non high heel shoes. Now here I am, wearing my very flat Converse without any make up on a very hot day... ewww!

Wearing tissue tee from Target, old Zara skirt, French cuff shirt/jacket from Marshall's, gifted hat & Converse patched Chuck Taylor sneakers. 


style odyssey said...

you are insanely gorgeous! even without makeup or heels. :)

tell me, where did you get your converse sneakers? i want a plain white pair for summer...


ggshoe said...

:) Thank You for your lovely comment!
The sneakers were a gift from my husband and they are so old I bet he can't remember where he got them :D
They do have them at amazon & fnishline.com for 39.99 here is the link:


Prêt à Porter P said...

But you still great!

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