March 4, 2010


An element of a woman's personality is her scent.

As a believer of style before fashion even in the scent department I don't change my perfume.
I found my scent style around ten years ago and it goes after patchouli, dark vanilla, vetiver and spices with warmth, mystery, sophistication and sensuality.
I mix Thierry Mugler Angel with drops of either Serge Lutens Un bois Vanille or Jalaine Vanilla and Jalaine Patchouli, and depending on my mood a tiny hint of Jalaine Vetiver.

There is nothing like an enchanting unexpected scent.

A great place to find fantastic scents is the Perfumed Court Here you can find rare scents, discontinued perfumes, vintage, limited, new, etc... and because they offer samples and decants you can acquire the so expensive perfume you want, without feeling guilty or going over-budget.
Maybe you can start with the sumptuous Clive Christian No. 1

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Style Odyssey said...

Serge Lutens makes the best scents- all quite unusual, and deep and mysterious.
That's interesting to mix fragrances, creating your own unique blend. I can see how those two scents would work great together!

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