June 12, 2009

B•Day Wishes

So many shoes to wish for !!


Stephanie C. said...

whose b'day, yours? if so, have a fabulous birthday!
the ring is so unique, raw and pretty...like something homemade w/ aluminum foil and a piece of hard candy.
i especially like the platform shoe-booties featured. nice.

ggshoe said...

Mine, tomorrow! Thank You!!

-h said...

happy birthday (or belated if im late!)
i know jane of sea of shoes has those cage ysl and i prefer these ones over the more "famous" ones.
great ring too.

ggshoe said...

Thank You -h!
From the ysl caged these are my favorite too.
I saw Jane's pics and they look amazing.
Too bad I can only drool and dream about them :0)
The price tag is out of my reach :0(

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