April 27, 2009

DIY Denim & Leather

I transformed some denim shorts from the 90's into this bolero/vest. Some sewing, patching & stitching with silver thread and voila!
I also created this belt with some leftover black leather. It is reversible, for the other side I used some light brown suede.
On the first picture I'm wearing a top & pencil skirt are from Norma Kamali for walmart collection. This two pieces have very good construction and fabric; you can't tell they are under $20 !!



Impressive, that bolero vest, wow!! I love the belt, too. DIY is so much fun.

S said...

You've got so much talent and potential. Your artistic talent doesn't only show on your beautiful paintings, but in everything you touch GG. Love the vest, but more so the creative mind that created/designed it. Continue to evolve through what you are most passionate about & know that I am your #1 fan! tqm

Brook and Lyn said...

These are shorts? Cool idea! I love the little heart stitched in there.

-h said...

chic. i love the obi especially.
and you are absolutely beautiful by the way!
ive been debating getting one of the kamali/walmart sweaters, dont really "need" it though.

ggshoe said...

ThankYou -h!
All aI can say about Kamali for Walmart is that is worth it. The fabric and construction is good. And since they have wonderful prices, you don't feel guilty for spending a lot of money on designer clothing :0)

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