November 15, 2008

About Pearls

According to ancient greeks, pearls are the tears of the sea nymphs. They were worshiping the beauty of pearl, associating it with love and marriage.
In Europe, during the epoch of romanticism, the pearl ring, given to the loved one, symbolized the "tears of a broken heart". 
Europeans believed that pearl is good for a marriage. A bride's dress covered with pearls, symbolized the "girls tears", the more tears, the stronger the marriage was expected o be, and less tears would be dropped after the marriage. Since the end of XIX, wearing pearls, was a synonym for treasure and was a measure for prosperity and nobility.
I appreciate the elegant look of pearls on others but I have always had the conception and somehow superstition, of pearls as tears and never like to wear them.
If I ever get that thought out of my system, I think I can see myself  wearing black pearls.

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